Sunday, September 7, 2014

Miley Cyrus Tries Again, Sex Sells, But What and Why

Sex, Eroticism, Art and why does this have to be so cheap.

It is all about shopping.

I am not offended, but I am bored. What I do not understand is how this is of any real interest? I would find this interesting if Cyrus was making a statement. If she had something meaningful to say and this was part of that expression, then I would find this interesting. Sex has always been fascinating. It is the best indoor sport every invented. There are so many interesting things that can be said about it and there are people how are doing just that. 

This on the other hand is just near nudity. If she showed up naked, and was saying something by doing so, that would have been interesting. Just wearing pasties is not all the profound.
This is not about being prudish. I enjoy art and nudity in art. I do not think there is a problem there. But if you are an artist, musical, literary, etc, I expect a lot more than a simplistic stunt.

Sure, going to a party in pasties is going to get attention. But none of this makes you "edgy" "sexy" or particularly interesting.
The human body nude is a great thing. To turn it into something cheap and sensational is to me an insult.

While I am on the subject, why do we make sex and sexuality so vulgar?
Why do places and things associated with sex have to be so cheap and sleazy? Why can't these things be placed in a more artistic more elevated space?
I really think the reason why I like sex and eroticism in art is because they are elevated, never turned into trash.

All Miley Cryus did was take the human body and exploit it for attention.
Of course, she is not alone.

Madonna started this idea that you can flash you butt and somehow you are interesting.
I know a whole slew of male models who are a lot more interesting than this and they do not reduce sex and nudity into something vulgar and disgusting.

So my whole point is to make sex "upscale" sex, respect nudity and eroticism and stop using the human body for cheap stunts designed to draw attention to yourself for attention and money.
At the very least men and women in the sex industry are a lot more honest about what they are doing and why.
Plus, men and women in the sex industry are a lot more interesting that Miley Cyrus with this latest weak and pathetic bid for attention.

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