Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sing Lady Gaga

Perhaps she should do this, acoustic music?

Lady Gaga Sings 

A man sang Paparazzi as a ballad with minimal accompaniment.  I always wondered how this song would sound if Lady Gaga performed it with just a piano and her voice.   By accident looking for how to fix a pc issue — I found this video.   I always thought there was so romantic about this song about longing.   If you have ever fallen hard for someone indifferent to you, this is the song.  It has a haunting melody.   Gaga does a great piano intro.   She reminds me of Prince in that they both are accomplished musicians and can do big grand big scale songs, but can take it down to do something compelling.  

My big want list for Lady Gaga is to do an entire suite of songs with just her voice and a few acoustic instruments.  That side of her would be interesting to see.  She has a fine voice and she does have an ability to turn out a melody.

On a side note, and I was speaking to a certain someone —he will go nameless—who said I had no sense of fashion.  Well, I went from spending time in G.Q. and Interview in the 80’s and 90’s and turned to art and gadgets.  It was a slow move.  I loved clothes, but then I loved art supplies, assorted things that glitter.

She does do it big!  What if she scaled back to just her voice and the music?

My point is that I always appreciate high fashion.  It is not as superficial as it seems. If you love art, it makes sense to love clothes that turn you into art.

That is what Lady Gaga does.  She makes there huge creative moves and they have some meaning.  The steak dress was high conceptual art making a statement. I thought it was a great idea.  They always treat artists like so much meat.  You are just a commodity not a person.

I said this because someone trashed Gaga for her clothes.  Well I think she does a great job.  If I were in her position, I would do the same thing. Paper suits, oversized hats, I mean the Talking Heads did this and no one was upset.  Gaga goes further and some people’s children have an episode over it.

Margaret Cho had the right idea.  When they put you on the worst dressed list, you probably are the best dressed.  I say take risks.
As long as it is about style, art and having something to say, you will usually get it right.

If not, you will be someone they all talk about later.

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