Monday, April 14, 2008

Welcome Figure Drawing and Visual Art Blog


After some deliberation, and looking at my costs, I have moved to this blog site future projects.
No doubt, I will add more venues, but I really want to do this in the most cost effective, efficient manner possible.

I will post here on a regular basis, and add images, art work, and hopefully some of yours as well.
I will do intend to keep up with everyone, so please contact me.

This will be the start, or rather the continuation of what I started in January with just $40.00 on a credit card and an idea.

At this time I really want to thank each and everyone of you who has come to the studio, paid for workshops and have been supportive. Your energy, great art work, and positive outlook are what keep me going and hopefully growing.

Mounting a soap box is not something I like to do, but sadly arts for working people, art of the people by the people and for the people of the highest quality is facing, or rather has been, facing serious issues.

Unless you are wealthy, well connected or part of the system, if you are are a "petite" entrepreneur like myself, you face obstacles that are huge. So getting something like this off the ground is an effort and a half.

However, when we all pull together and just do a little bit, collectively we can make a huge difference.

Right now is the time to make a difference, your input and energy can make art more democratic and better.

I do not believe that esoteric intellectually driven compelling works of art are the domain of one class, economic group or segregated privileged group.

I do not like that idea, and it runs counter to everything that I feel is part of the academic tradition of art.

Coming from a family with a deep involvement in education and the arts, I find elitism not only undemocratic, I find it highly "Un-American." If you like elite classes, may I suggest you visit the U.K. or suggest we give ourselves back to the U.K. Monarchy. One of the smartest things my father's nation ever did was exile the Hohenzollern Monarchy and begin a constitutional republic, one minus a King.

Forgive the digression, but it really bothers me that fine art has been consigned to the out limits of the main stream culture.

I want to put it front and center, along with visual art education.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading.

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