Monday, April 15, 2013

Bipolar and Foreclosure

This video was made deep in the night by one very tired artist.  I had wanted to do this for weeks.
Finally, I came up with a very very rough idea of what I wanted to do from the start.

Originally, I had taped a long monologue about being bipolar, making art, struggling with Citibank to keep my home and some of the downsides of foreclosure when you know full well that you can get back on your feet.

There is a lot more to say on the topic of foreclosure.
There is much to talk about regarding being Bipolar.

After seeing the mental illness up close, it is far more than just a weakness of character or sloth. The problems of dealing with constantly shifting moods, racing thoughts, odd associations, risk taking behaviors and some rather humiliating experiences are part of being bipolar.

Sleepless nights are not uncommon.  Lack of energy one moment, and then so much you can do anything.  Irritated by small details, and always on edge, being bipolar is all about the unexpected and the strange.

One component of the illness is that it is based in a physical condition that demands medication.  For a bipolar person, correct balances of stabilizers, sometimes anti depressants and anti psychotics are what is needed.

What is worse is that during a "Manic Moment," much can be accomplished.  On the flip side, you burn out quickly.

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