Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cheerios and conflict: A conservative view on race in America

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Racism: One conservative perspective

One conservative writer addressed racism
(A concise version of a longer article)

Is this progress?  Have we really changed.

Kurt von Behrmann

            America’s dirty little secret, actually it isn’t that small, is racism.  The close relative to sexism, and it usually goes hand in hand with ethnic slurs and homophobia is still very much alive and well. It is not on life support. Current events clearly demonstrate that the influence of prejudice is not vanishing.         

            The acceptance that racism is deceased if fueled by the idea that (in some areas) African-Americans are on a rampage to disseminate “civilized” Caucasian culture. 

            Where is the proof?  Have we seen terrorist acts by African—Americans against churches and public places?  I think not.

            Viewed as an enemy to all things decent, Black equity is equated with an unraveling of the status quo. The argument sees any creation of equity as a threat.

            For all the flag waving that we are proud, fearless and free, apparently we are collectively scared shitless of “Blacks with Guns.”  Bring up racial equity and suddenly no one is either proud or fearless.

A new view, or the realization of what already is. The new American Family.

            I can hear the misconceptions of what I have stated. So let me make this clear.

            I fully support our men, women and gays in the armed forces.  Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, African, I always make a point to “Thank them” for preserving and securing freedoms that allow me and others to write and express freely.

            Yes, I sent items to make life easier for troops. I created art work that celebrates woman in combat. I created paintings that show the hard side of returning troops.

            None of those works sold, but I am proud I did them. I would create them again.

Cheerios, changing the world. The old debate goes on.

            Back to racism, look at the recent cereal ad.

            If you missed it, there is an ad showing a child or multi ethnic background.  We see her father, who is clearly an African—American male married to a “WHITE” Woman.

            Apparently actors playing a role are a threat to our “AMERICAN WAY” of life.

            Alarm and protest greeted this ad.

            The company putting out the ads refused to stop airing them.

            Flying in the face of those opposed to interracial couples, the ad runs on today.

            If we are so “racist free” why did this ad bring up such “anger?”

            It makes no sense.
            Have we moved forward?  You be the judge. I just presented a conservative view.

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